Monday, December 27, 2010

More Christmastide music

As is tradition on the blog, we hold our Christmastide celebration throughout the necessary days. And as someone who appreciates great hymns (and has a tendency to sing the first verse of this in Latin), I found this intriguing in Wien -- three different languages. The English is the third verse (the second verse is almost always forgotten in denominational hymnals) but in Charleston on Christmas Eve we always have all four verses (in English).

This Franck tune was found in my voice teacher's pocket during the runup to an informal recital at her home we had years ago, and she had me learn it. Again, this is from Wien. It's another song that's sung around Christmastide that, through the nine years of classical music ties I've had, makes me appreciate the wonderful songs we don't sing it seems now.

I'd love to do this baby in Latin (which I didn't then) but it's something I want to sing in Latin. Frederica von Staade and Kathleen Battle with this. Just don't put peas in the pasta!

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