Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the battle lines

Another Bible Paraphrase. The release of the new version of a popular paraphrase of the Bible, the New International Version 2011 (replaces the 1984 and 2008 "TNIV" versions), and its politically correct "gender neutral" language, inspired PETA (yes, that organisation again) to request the next NIV to feature "speciesist" language.

The rise in paraphrases that are gender-neutral is a disgrace considering the incident years ago when some teens told me that the Bible was changed so many times (mainly because of the paraphrases they are indoctrinated today) it was not God's Word, and they trusted popular culture and books instead. Warrenists are deep into ever new paraphrase invented in recent years, and they are clearly winning the religion war among the younger generation, which is troubling.

Another Activist Group Gets an Easter Egg Hunt Reward. This Administration on an earlier Easter Egg Hunt started to invite members of special-rights activists groups pushing for sexual deviancy, and forced our acceptance. Now they're working on an "green earth" agenda for even White House traditions.

Freedom of Speech, Only for the Left. A leading liberal leader in Washington, who was elected once in a ruse so bad where he replaced a candidate within a few weeks after the primary but before the general election so they could win, now shows the true side of the current Administration: No freedoms for anyone except the Modern Left.

Arresting the Bird Catcher. The United Methodist university in town (there are three in the state, one of them is a women's school, the other is an HBCU, and the other is traditional) is offering a production of Die Zauberflöte this week and also in two weeks. They boasted it is "set in New York City," sung in English with a live orchestra. Oh dear . . . I wasn't fond of Le Nozze di Figaro in English the two times I've seen it (I've seen a third performance in Italian and loved it). May I call the cops to arrest Papangeo?

Washington's cowtow to the Gill Agenda continues. Immigrants illegally "married" to Americans in violation of laws in the majority of the country would not automatically be denied immigration benefits. One immigration lawyer said the decision could also give those facing deportation a free pass for work authorisation thanks to this Administration's obsession with the sexual deviants' agenda. First speech codes, then kill the military and replace it with a Social Engineering department focused on special rights in an Intolerable Act, now give them this? It's clear this Administration wants to push the agenda opposed by the people.

The Songs Are Worse. Two years ago, I sang on my first choral project at the university level at 34 years, 32 days, excerpts from Haydn's Die Jahreszeiten, and last year participated in my first full-length choral project, Beethoven's Mass in C Major. A report erupted on the latest "zonk tunes" in bubblegum pop that today's MTV-infested youth listen on the radio or watch either on Disney or MTV-branded television. A 13-year old was nailed for having "the worst song ever recorded". The only pop star I remember making it at 13 was one country singer who has stayed in the limelight now nearing 30 and having had a trip to the altar (and back). If this is the future of music, I have the Safety Car lights on, since it's time to nail this offender. Kids think this is acceptable, but won't accept the serious material?  
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