Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reflections on a Holy Week Tuesday

Sears has a brain that Hollywood won't use. When Sears has to file a lawsuit against an adult product manufacturer over a product infringing on the use of the Hoffman Estates merchant's signature brand of electrical parts (batteries, et al), when television production companies did nothing when their brands were abused by adult stores for the advancement of adult products, it's clear that Sears is doing the right thing to protect their brand, when film companies are not accepting of the same protection of their brand names.

800-Squatting. A provider of questionable adult material has been “800-squatting” (similar to cybersquatting, a tactic used by some companies to deceive others to push an agenda) to use 800 numbers to push pornography using well-known brand names. This is out of control. I remember when a now-defunct automaker used a 800 number that included the model of one of their famous cars of the past as their customer service line (twice I drove that brand).

An unfortunate loss. Nine-time ING New York City Marathon champion, and 1989 women's division winner of the Cooper River Bridge Run, Grete Waitz dies of cancer at 57. A whole generation of women, who were unable to compete at events longer than 800m before 1972, and 1,500m before 1984, rejoiced in Los Angeles when ladies were able to run 42,195m at the Olympics for the first time. Now women have beaten men at a marathon (this year's Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach) and there was consideration the women, not the men, be the Olympics curtain-closer for London instead of being the mid-Olympic event. The international running community, especially for those of us who have run the same paths she has run, is poorer now the the loss of a legend.

The Power of Netflix? The FAA suspended two air traffic workers at an airport for watching a movie while on duty. I wonder if these employees were using office computers to watch Netflix all the time. The popular trend is to cord-cut and disconnect from cable and satellite, to only watch television via Netflix and other movie services, which means no sports, et al. But I think Netflix could price themselves off once their original series begins, since the price will definitely need to be raised to the $20-$30 range to accompany the original series.

Love Hurts. The controversy over Rob Bell's new book Love Wins and its rotten theology even promoted by certain mainstream news media has resulted in my looking back at the times I drive through Charleston in the past with billboards stating “Love Hurts” and “Love Means Nothing”. Well, Mr. Bell, Love Hurts and Love Means Nothing, based on your worldview.

Life Enhancement Centres Gone Mad. During Sunday's Aaron's 499 broadcast on Fox, NewSpring, the local kingpin of these false religious venues, ran numerous ads promoting their mega-service for Easter in the various “campuses”. Mars Hill in the Pacific Northwest is running promotions now for a huge Easter “service” at Qwest Field. The numerous Life Enhancement Centres doing rock concerts, karaoke, or other dippy junk just won't cut it. Whatever happened to serious study of God's Word?

And Even Some Catholics Are Selling Out to the New Age. A report in Connecticut came that a Catholic retreat centre has now begun to offer New Age materials and teachings. What gives?
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