Friday, April 29, 2011

Retro TV Friday

I was reminded of an album of jazz standards recorded by gospel legends Sandi Patty and Kathy Troccoli (both of whom I've seen) that I have (Together) inspired this Retro TV Friday column.

I grew up watching the Robin Ward (1980), Gordon Elliott/Lynn Swann/Alex Trebek (1990-91), and in a more recent time, the John O'Hurley (2000-01) versions of the Goodson-Todman (all episodes until 1977), Mark Goodson (Ward and 1990-91), and later Radio Television Luxembourg (O'Hurley) stalwart To Tell The Truth, a game show where four celebrities had to predict which of three panelists were being true and identifying who they were, and who was lying. Stumping the celebrities was worth a monetary bonus to the three panelists.

How do both get together? In this 1970's clip of the Garry Moore version, you can hear "The Trolley Song" playing (Miss Troccoli recorded it on the jazz standard album in question). I was frustrated after not being part of a team that I usually dance each year this time, and was reminded of what happened when Garry Moore tried to get Bill Cullen off the trolley the way Kitty Carlisle, Gene Rayburn, and Peggy Cass had exited.

Of course, those who remember Bill Cullen knew he had childhood polio, and because of it, studios had to specially redo their opens or accommodate their studios for Mr. Cullen, so we know this was actually to compensate for his polio. (On the CBS 1980's The $25,000 Pyramid, panelists were already seated instead of walking to the stage when Mr. Cullen was a panelist; in the 1980 episodes of Password Plus he hosted when Allen Ludden was hospitalised, Cullen did not walk out on stage the way the panelists and Ludden had.)

Strange open to those who don't know the whole story.
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