Saturday, May 7, 2011

Betraying America, Derby Week, and more

Another Mandate of the Social Engineers. The Department of Social Engineering, Special Rights Division has ordered a hit on “military” chaplains as the conversion of the military from a fighting force to the advancer of the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Germanotta agenda of sexual deviants continues. DSE-SRD bases will now be an enabler of false “marriages” that churches will not accept. Court-martials and dishonourable discharges (which include prison potentially) can now be imposed on chaplains and even soldiers with the Bible in non-”protected zones” (chapel services) because of the agenda of sexual deviants, all of which were imposed in Public Law 111-321, which converts the “military” to its new purpose of advancing the Gill Agenda. That, and NASA's change from space exploration to Muslim outreach, are two of the most radical changes to agencies under this Administration.

Speaking of Germanotta. I'm reading the wires before a spin class and cannot believe how her Catholic-bashing ditty, named for the man who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, is being unveiled on a popular television programme. She has created severe damage by betraying our military. Now she is betraying people of faith on the National Day of Prayer. What's next?

Trouble on the Anglicans? Considering how many attend church in England, especially in the Anglican side, and the troubles in the Anglican Communion (including a well-known schism currently ongoing with the Anglicans in South Carolina), and in light of the Royal Wedding, some Britons believe the Church of England is on its way to dying out. Albert Mohler has commentary.

Tax Stupidity. With the price of fuel at over $4.40 per gallon of gasoline (remember, “one gallon” of fuel at most places is 115.2 ounces of gasoline, and 12.8 ounces of filler), the President, USDA, and others are wanting more filler and less gasoline in a gallon of fuel. Seriously, what does this tell us about the government's hatred of oil? They stole car companies to reward those that made tiny cars and Chinese cars in Chicago, and now they're trying to ensure gasoline is banned.

From Swaps to Ferdinand. ESPN Classic recently aired a celebration of the late Bill Shoemaker's final Kentucky Derby win, on Ferdinand, 25 years ago. But his first victory was immortalised in William Faulkner's essay that was published by a young publication from Time that has been immortalised over 50 years later as an authority in sport. 
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