Friday, May 20, 2011

More Betraying of America: Leninism in Schools, MTV, and Anti-Arizona Tactics by Rock Stars

MTV has betrayed America for its 30 years that we have learned Margaret Sanger’s organisation will be allowed to advertise in order to promote the murder of children that liberals want taxpayers to fund, but commercials for pro-life organisations such as Mercy Ministries, the National Right to Life, and religious organistions are now prohibited on the channels. Consider MTV has dominated our youth where we had a President elected by MTV, which has more influence than Fox News today in the White House and youth, what messages are they teaching to youth when baby murder ads air, but not pro-life organisations?

How many more waivers for ObamaCare will be awarded, with most of them awarded to leftist organisations to the enemy must be punished? Once again, this Administration says reward our friends, punish our enemies. Michelle Malkin reports.

A third of students in government schools drop out, with three out of every five knocked-up teenagers never walking the aisle for a diploma. The reading level of students is less than eighth grade for a majority of adults, while functional illiteracy is a reality of life for over 20%, when they cannot read at fifth grade levels. But, the Obama Administration has decided to reward schools that promote Leninism, the anti-industry agenda of the fringe environmentalists with a big award to be announced next Lenin’s Birthday.

Rock music has always been the place for extreme leftist views. When Georgia passed an Arizona-style immigration law, Carlos Santana used his performance at a concert in Atlanta before a baseball game to attack the law that people support. It’s clear illegals have caused criminal incidents As the Left goes, common sense and laws should be replaced by dictatorial requests of the Far Left.
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