Friday, September 9, 2011

The New Tolerance bans Christians at 9/11 memorial services

The ACLU proudly mentioned when they redefined “marriage” in New York, they removed freedom of religion. It was also removed in the former Armed Forces when the military's goals were changed from a fighting force to defend the country to an indoctrination force for sexual deviants by Public Law 111-321, an Intolerable Act, creating the new Special Rights Division of the Department of Social Engineering.

Now we are seeing New York and Washington, both areas where false marriage is legal because of the sellout to the Gill Agenda, run roughshod over religion because of the new regulations.

In Washington, the Episcopal Church USA, facing a split with many conservative organisations for its theological liberalism, has shown its intolerance of groups opposed to its doctrine under the new intolerance for the traditional freedom of religion by selecting the organisations involved in Sunday's memorial services at Washington National Cathedral, which they own and operate. The organisations chosen for the memorial service Sunday are Episcopal leadership in Washington in both the Bishop of Washington nd the Dean of the Cathedral, a rabbi, a Buddhist nun who is also called the incarnate lama, a Hindu priest, a Muslim musician, and the President of the Islamic Society of North America. There are no Catholic or mainstream Protestant (Southern Baptist Convention, the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council – includes the ARP and PCA , Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod) denominations involved in this “interfaith” service.

In New York, Mayor Bloomberg, who was directly involved in the redefinition of marriage, has outlawed clergy from appearing at the official ceremony remembering the time of the terrorist attacks.

It's clear in a world where sexual deviants are now rewarded with false “marriage” recognition and the changing of the military's purpose into an indoctrination force for deviants, and the abolition of the freedom of religion that was part of the Founding Fathers' call, that this weekend's memorial services display the New Tolerance that is the goal of modern liberalism. When God's Word is eliminated in favour of humanism's agenda, and a new state religion of secular humanism, nothing is sacred, even in remembering over 3,000 who died under the auspices of Al Qaeda, for the want of 19 men whose goal was to make it to paradise by killing thousands of infidels.

Has this nation lost its way when New Tolerance dictates the outlawing of God's Word? Are we pushing Eastern mysticism by force in this nation? Surely it fits with the Obama goal of turning Patriot Day into a community service day, similar to Communism.
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