Monday, June 18, 2012


Zonks, zonks zonks everywhere. We've had enough of this Administration replacing our military with a sexual deviancy indoctrination force. Now we see JCPenney show their utmost pushing of the agenda of a tiny minority that infiltrates everywhere. Not only are they using the sexual deviant whose promotion of the agenda led to an entire day of no television during my college days to push the firm, for Mother's Day they ran the “Heather has Two Mommies” gimmick, and now the two-fathers gimmick for Father's Day. We've gone out of control. When God's Word is not allowed but we can push deviants' agenda, what are we teaching? The sexual deviants' agenda is the Zonk behind Curtain Number One.

Wayne Root: Obama Copies Europe's Model of Decline.
Another Part of My Youth Gone. Former financial columnist Dan Dorfman dies at 82. A tribute on Fox Business' Dobbs Tonight?

Anti-Gun Types At It Again. The IAAF starter who will fire the pistol at the London Olympics was told during an athletics field day at a school in England not to use the pistol set to start the signature 100-metre dash in July at the event. Now why no starter's pistols when the rule requires one, although now many events have switched to electronics because of gun control regulations. Just for reference, a reaction time of .100 is a “perfect” reaction time. A reaction time of .099 or less is an automatic disqualification.
Are You Kidding Me? ESPN and the IFOCE recently renewed their contract for the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, with Paul Page and Richard Shea sitting atop Coney Island to call the contest, which will just under six times the time of three-class (3:39) or under four times as long as the four-class (5:27) of contests Mr. Page calls, as two ten-minute contests (divided by gender of the contestant) are to be called.

And . . . The demise of tennis continues. When Flushing Meadow comes to CBS, it will be the only major televised on network television. The push of the Les Internationaux de France to the new NBCSN on Monday morning means three of tennis' four majors had finals on pay television, as Wimbledon is now pay-only for the next eleven years, meaning the CBS Finals (which they hope will be prime-time) will be the only ones left. Golf's Open Championship is also pay only, and I wonder if the BCS four-team format will be ripe for an HBO PPV option.

Why Do The Past Two Stories Link Together? That's because Nathan's Famous has changed its start time to just after 3 PM in order for ESPN to show Wimbledon Gentlemen's Semifinals.

It's the U. S. Open. What Do You Expect? Webb Simpson wins the 112th U. S. Open with a score of 281 – +1. You're supposed to win it with a positive score over par. It's not regular golf!

And a Note. I have a dentist's appointment this week to see if my teeth will survive after a recent fracture of the tooth in a nasty crash on by road bike as a result of a triathlon training incident last month. 
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