Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I danced for five years at a major dance studio in the region, and we competed annually. I do not think our choreographer wanted us to sabotage our routines, and cause us to lose to opponents. I played varsity baseball while a 6th grader for a small parochial school, and while we never won, I don't think Coaches Frazier and Griffin wanted us to throw games. We worked on fundamentals. I've debated, and would never consider doing ANYTHING to intentionally cause our team to lose.

Anyone who has played sports and is on defense knows the goal is to prevent the offense from scoring. The sad thing from overturning both Proposition 8 and the Defence of Marriage Act is that the Supreme Court ruled the defendants' attorneys were not entitled to defend the statutes in question. In the former, it was a private party, and in the latter, it was the Leader of the Loyal Opposition. In both cases, the attorneys entitled to defend the statutes were on the opposition, the respective Attorneys General (Kamala Harris in California and Eric Holder for the United States) were not defending the laws they were supposed to defend, but chose to side with the sexual deviancy lobby.

In effect, the Attorneys General told their teams to work against what they were supposed to defend. It would be a head coach telling his players to score own goals in an attempt to lose games. It is akin to being one of the members of the Black Sox, and Kennesaw Mountain Landis could not prosecute them.

That is the larger issue with overturning both DOMA and Proposition 8. The courts have said if an attorney jumps ship and sides with the opponent, the defence cannot hire a new attorney to defend them. Is that the court of law?

The only thing I can say about what both cases did is something you hear at football broadcasts but you do not want to happen.


If you were a defender, and you scored an own goal, you would be ashamed of yourself. But in the overturning of both cases, the Mr. Holder and Mrs. Harris patted themselves on the back, since they worked against the side they were supposed to defend, and instead worked to score the own goal.

Sad. The real problem now is the Supreme Court ruled the attorney who is supposed to defend can now jump ship and cause an instant victory for the opposing side.

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