Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Watch your enunciation

During Fox Sports' coverage of the eni Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland MotoGP event held at the Sachensring, Bob Varsha (who was doing voiceovers and the ensuing Speed Center that evening) was inconsistent with the proper pronunciation of injured Yamaha MotoGP star Jorge Lorenzo. The proper pronunciation was given by the star to Fox Sports in the past, and has often been the source of criticism by fans for Fox preferring to saying the Palma de Mallorca star's name in the proper accents, as he has used himself (it has the sound, as we've heard from Adam Alexander, Danielle Trotta, and Rick Allen, as “Lohrhentho”. The pronunciation is not used by the British broadcasters of the event, but is the proper Spanish pronunciation, similar to Catalian golfer Jose Maria Olazabal (“Olathabal”).

The oft-mocked Fox use of being correct to the tee as the rider says it reminded me of the conviction of an Arkansas state government official whose higher-up's name was also mispronounced by a news reader on the radio Monday morning, as I drove back from my morning workout. A state lottery official's name was improperly pronunced on-air, even though he served as a South Carolina state senator before serving as the leader of the liberal expansion of the state government via the state lottery.

What gives in journalism today?

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