Monday, January 26, 2015

Standards? We don't need standards! We make them

The ruling elites have shown their hatred of the nation, and their attitude is clearly aimed at an "I want what I want," and "we don't care what the Constitution says, we go by what we want" has an ugly taste of the evil judges (worse than those in the Book of Judges), considering what Albert Mohler calls the rise of "erotic liberty" triumphing over "religious liberty.  See how judges have overrun Constitutions in the majority of 30 states that voted to write marriage is only between one male and one female, and no other unions can be recognised, because of egos.  When supermajorities of 60%, 70%, and 78% are overrun by judges reminiscent of that book in question, the sexual freedom fighters are showing their egos.

The elites in Atlanta have shown their colours.  The mayor of the city, who has blood on his hands from the loss of hockey to Winnipeg and baseball to Vinings (2017), and potentially losing the NBA to an unknown city likely in the Cascadia area, has sided with the tiny minority of perverted behaviour by firing the head of the city's fire department, Kelvin Cochran, because he posted a Biblical worldview.  He clearly meant that "sexual freedom" triumphs as a protected right, and those who oppose the worldview must be fired.  With the numerous "nondiscrimination" clauses including "sexual orientation," and the push by numerous crybabies to advance the sexual deviancy agenda.  Mr. Mohler's words regarding the rise of "erotic liberty" must be seriously considered considering the absurd push of "civil rights".

Erotic liberty is new on the scene, but it is central to the moral project of modernity — a project that asserts erotic liberty, which the (Founding Fathers) never imagined, as an even more fundamental liberty than freedom of religion. The logic of erotic liberty has worked its way from law schools and academia into popular culture, entertainment, public policy, and Supreme Court decisions.
In one classic example, Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy famously wrote  of human dignity in terms of one’s “concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life” — and he has explicitly tied that to erotic liberty in a series of decisions and opinions.

What the erotic liberty folk demand is their behaviour to be called a "civil right".  They want to call marriage a civil right that cannot be restricted to one man and one woman only -- they want any two, even three, or more.  Now take their "civil right" logic to the workplace, where employees must pass a drug test at a World Anti-Doping Agency approved laboratory, and cannot test positive for drugs listed in the WADA Anti-Doping Code.  One person fails the test, and is fired, but goes to the pro-Bolshevik ACLU and sues the employer, saying he has a "civil right" to work there and they cannot discriminate against him because of a failed drug test.

So, if an employee of a company is fired for failing a drug test at a WADA-approved laboratory, required at work, can he cry out he has civil rights, and they cannot fire him for failing a WADA drug test, when passing the test is required to work there?  That is the same logic of homosexual activists demanding marriage is a "civil right" and that "they cannot be defined by the Bible," in addition to demanding the protection of their behaviour.  In essence, the relativism lobby claim it is their "civil right" to use illegal drugs, and illicit drug use is a behaviour that must be protected, similar to sexual deviancy.

I'm being serious.  That is their logic.  You cannot punish for behaviour.

And that's only Part One of the "We don't need standards" crowd's behaviour.

The second part of this "we don't need standards" folk come from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  As Dr. Mohler noted, popular culture is pushing the deviancy agenda, and in television, control is clearly in the cultural Left, where most shows winning major awards come from ultra-premium pay television or non-commercial streaming services, where decency standards are not required, and the alleged "quality" is based on advancing the "no decency, it's what I want, and nothing else matters" attitude.  At the Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Awards, it was clear the winning television shows were HBO and Amazon Prime.  Showtime and Netflix are also part of the game at the Emmys, while broadcast networks, which are under stricter standards of decency to avoid offending advertisers and authorities, while appealing to a mass audience, have become second-class carriers where the "critics," who are just as much Hollywood elites, ignore them because of standards that must be met.

Seriously, when "critics" vote for shows that few people watch because they do not want to pay for premium television, they are advancing the idea that television for elites, which most people do not watch, is the only television that is worth watching, with better "quality" that is not quality but additional material not suitable for most viewers of the Heartland.  But, as we have learned, the heartland and their values do not matter to these ruling elites that demand what they want is all that is suitable.  The Golden Globe ceremony celebrated the elitism of modern television, and it was the equivalent of calling out a Dies Irae (yes, I love the Verdi though I've sung the Mozart twice).  Another push for sexual deviancy normalisation, considering what we have learned in studying God's Word years ago, inappropriate, but it was widely celebrated at the show.  At the ceremony, the best comedy award went to a streaming service programme that advanced the sexual deviancy agenda, and the people thanked the activists, along with a kid who was taught the wrong things and killed himself, trying to become a "martyr" for the cause.  Another award went to a Reagan-bashing drama that advanced the same agenda.  These events seem to be propaganda for the leftist causes that cannot win save for elites who want to bash anyone who opposes them into a new prison.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI warned, "We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one's own ego and desires. "  He also noted, "In recent years I find myself noting how the more relativism becomes the generally accepted way of thinking, the more it tends toward intolerance, thereby becoming a new dogmatism. Political correctness, whose constant pressures you have illuminated, seeks to establish the domain of a single way of thinking and speaking. Its relativism creates the illusion that it has reached greater heights than the loftiest philosophical achievements of the past. It prescribes itself as the only way to think and speak – if, that is, one wishes to stay in fashion. Being faithful to traditional values and to the knowledge that upholds them is labelled intolerance, and relativism becomes the required norm. I think it is vital that we oppose this imposition of a new pseudo-enlightenment, which threatens freedom of thought as well as freedom of religion."

The Golden Globe ceremony, and the logic of sexual deviancy activists, especially in overturning constitutions and the Atlanta situation, show that regardless of Catholic or Protestant, Mr. Ratzinger or Mr. Mohler, both are warning against relativism that is taught in schools, popular culture media, and the elite media critics rewarding the propaganda with awards.


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