Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just wondering

The recent Run Hard Half Marathon that I ran was not a good one on the clock.  There were issues with the shoes (that gave up and were promptly retired afterwards), but a 2:55:20 for a half -- over 40 minutes slower than my best time over 21,097m, was tough.  But I didn't know how it was until ten minutes later.

Ten minutes later, the first woman -- at three hours, five minutes, and change -- won the Run Hard Columbia Marathon women's division. Chalk up another South African flag.  She won Myrtle Beach Half, and she has won the local hometown 12km for me.

Yes, it was Zola (Budd) Piertse, a coach at Coastal Carolinal, who scored another major running win.  She won a half here (and I ran it), she won a half in Myrtle Beach (and I ran the full), and now she won the Run Hard Columbia (and I ran the half).

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