Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On the coming persecution (iii)

From Francis Poulenc's famous opera Dialogues of the Carmelites:

Sister Constance: "Are there no men left to come to the aid of the country?"

Mother Superior: "When priests are lacking, martyrs are superabundant."

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  1. The US Council of Catholic Bishops and the Southern Baptist Convention, along with the now-second generation Billy Graham association, have taken the stand. What I found disturbing in Scalia's comments was how the judicial activists come from the same city, and voted in lockstep with that city's values. The Founding Fathers warned against the rule of larger states that can crush smaller states. In this bad case, New York City was able to void the votes of America's Heartland that reached past 75 percent in most of the 30 states.


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