Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Black Noon closure

It may be 52 years later, and two years after a well-celebrated return to the Brickyard of the child of another driver killed at the Indianapolis 500, but according to Angela Savage, she is inviting (and they have accepted) Sherry MacDonald, widow of Dave MacDonald, killed in Black Noon at the 1964 Indianapolis 500, who has never returned to the Brickyard since then (though Eddie Sachs, Jr has returned to the track in the past), and their son Rich to the Brickyard for this year's Centennial 500.

Angela and Rich have been seen together at various motor racing events representing their fathers, most notably at the NASCAR race in Las Vegas.

(PHOTO:  Angela Savage and Rich MacDonald at the USRRC Hall of Fame in California in the spring.  Both fathers were inducted, and this is a shot of the two children together.)

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