Thursday, June 30, 2016

Are we down to just one freedom, invented by a few cities?

Albert Mohler calls it "religious liberty versus erotic liberty".  John Stonestreet references it as religious freedom versus sexual freedom in the late Charles Colson's BreakPointcommentary that he is the lead commentator today (BreakPoint has been the subject of religious radio's decline as it tilted towards a new entertainment-based format that refuses to inform evangelicals that was noted in 2006.)

Those two commentaries have sadly reared their ugly heads in a series of Supreme Court cases where the court has ruled "sexual freedom is the first (or only) freedom" that I can call part of the Obergefell movement's ulterior motive to ensure that religious freedom is replaced by the Left's call of sexual freedom, and that sexual freedom becomes the only freedom.

For the urbane courts decided, especially since the Bork rejection, to turn its back on the people and favour just those few cities and crybaby losers as a form of "social justice" to the form that Clarence Thomas referenced through the heavy court packing (40% of the court's judiciary from this Administration), “The Court has simultaneously transformed judicially created rights like the right to abortion into preferred constitutional rights, while disfavoring many of the rights actually enumerated in the Constitution.”  It's not just abortion but all of erotic liberty from marriage to adoption and all forms of lewd behaviour.

Look at the sexual freedom movement's line of wins.  From erasing marriage laws to erasing abortion restrictions, mandating businesses support erotic liberty's mandates, erasing male/female standards in restrooms, and all types of common sense being erased, this forced Dr. Mohler in a commentary to notice the line of left-wing victories from a Biden (1), Clinton (2), and Obama (2) left-wing majority in courts.  Now we have states attempting to force out colleges with a Christian worldview by mandating the only worldview that can be pushed is the liberal worldview of no moral standards and erotic liberty endorsement.  See the rampant parades of the sexual perversion movement, appropriately named "pride" because they are, as mentioned here in the past, throwing Christians to the lions.

In the thoughts of my fifth-grade history book, Old World History and Geography from A Beka, we have become classic Hindu India's caste system.  All of the Left's leadership are now the warrior caste, while Christians are now entirely sent off into the untouchable caste.  Those liberal denominations are in the middle, and we are seeing how the denominations that are in Protestant liberalism have seen steep declines to the point conservative factions have broken away similar to Brexit (see the Episcopal, Presbyterian PCUSA for examples).

In correlation to Brexit, I see a pattern in the UK that applies to the United States also.  The elites are losing at each turn of the ballot box.  The entire sexual freedom movement's victories have come by elites.   In essence, we are now coming to a dangerous part of our nation where the law is the feelings of a few elites on the bench, and the people are now being suppressed, similar to what the Colonists understood that led 240 years ago to the most important document in this country's history.  We are eerily seeing, thanks to the advancement of the sexual freedom movement, the late, great Lawrence Berra's phrase, "It's Like Déjà Vu All Over Again," come back.  Our laws passed are being erased by elites in the left-wing judiciary.  Didn't we fight England over the king erasing our laws and replacing them with his wants?

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