Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The tables turned

ith INDYCAR's Road to Indy Shootout this week (December 6-7 as I write), the last slot was offered to the Australian Formula Ford champion.  But the winner of that slot will be the driver coming in second.  The reason is the FF champion for 2016, Leanne Tander, is ineligible.  She is 36, 11 years older than the cutoff (25).

Mrs. Tander has now completed an incredible accomplishment.  There have been fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, and siblings winning motorsport championships.  But this is a first among well-recognised titles in motorsport.  The former Leanne Ferrier has now joined her husband Garth, a three-time Bathurst 1000 champion who won the same Australian Formula Ford title in 1997, as the first husband and wife champions of a well-known motorsport championship.

(This is the Supercars video, what Australia heard, in the year that Yanks got the race live with our own crew.  You'll see video of the new Formula Ford champion in this clip.)

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