Thursday, February 1, 2018

The LaRoche and Beyond Era began 16 years ago this coming Saturday when I walked into the School of Music practice hall room 012 to begin my first formal voice lesson, changed the way I saw music, with classical becoming a genre I appreciate most now where I attend Philharmonic concerts and have met von Stade (2011) and Fleming (2017, twice) and attending operas.

That appreciation has allowed me to ignore pop music as a whole, and the Grammys, because of the excessive junk being sold to both the church and to the general public.  The excessive attacks on the President elected by more than two-thirds of states by the few cities that want a rule of elite cities over all this year continued a long tradition of leftist propaganda based on their feelings.  One I remember too well was one group sang their sexual perversion propaganda hit while a marriage ceremony that flashed back to those of a cult minister referenced in the 1980 pop hit "Oh Buddha," with some couples of the same gender in violation of California's own Constitution (the event was held in California) that a Kamala the Bay Area Giant felt must be erased against the will of the people, repeating the tactics of King George III that led to the Declaration of Independence, as part of promoting the perversion agenda by singing their song pushing it.

But this year, I had finally seen something from those awards shows that infuriated me, and considering the 50th anniversary of a famous event in television, CBS was guilty.

The Farmers Insurance Open had been given the "Heidi" treatment.

Imagine turning on the television Sunday night, and seeing Jim Nantz, a longtime CBS stalwart, and the broadcast bug had the NBC Peacock on the bottom right corner and not the CBS Eye with "PGA TOUR" next to it.  Nantz was covering on NBC Sports the conclusion of the Farmers Insurance Open, as CBS had decided to give the first PGA Tour event on network television for the season the shaft.  It was on an NBC Sports cable channel, but the graphics were CBS, down to the CBS Sports banner on the 18th tower at Torrey Pines.  The three-man sudden death tournament aired for roughly two hours on the NBC Sports Group, with one player eliminated first, but for five holes, there was no winner.

(The tournament concluded Monday morning again on the NBC channel, with Nantz, Sir Nick Faldo, and Peter Kostis, carrying CBS flags, not NBC flags, though the broadcast bug said "LIVE PLAYOFF" with the Peacock logo.)

Both the paying spectators and CBS affiliates were given the Heidi Game treatment.  The conclusion of the Farmers Open was aired on an NBC Sports Group station Monday morning at 8 AM PT, and the spectators who had tickets had no refunds, and were not admitted to the conclusion of the final round.

The Grammys gave the tournament once known as the Andy Williams the "Heidi" treatment.  Oh the sad irony.

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