Wednesday, June 22, 2005

MH - Dennis Miller, Seminarian

Well, not really. But as The Curt Jester points out, Miller was chosen to replace Bill Cosby as main speaker at a fundraiser for Detroit's Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

Jeff finds this - let's call it ironic. Like him, I find some of Miller's political positions to be quite good. (I particularly remember a guest on his late talk show saying that the problem with the rash of school shootings might be related to kids getting filled with "too much self-esteem." I can't think of many people in TV with the guts to broach such a subject.) However, as Jeff says, Miller is no social conservative, and in fact he spends a good amount of time ridiculing the Catholic Church.

Man, does this remind me of the problems with Derbyshire I spoke of earlier this week. These guys have so much good to say, but then you run into problems over issues that are so fundamental to the composition of someone's character. It's one thing to disagree over, let's say, football teams or movies. You can still respect someone who roots for the Cowboys, for example, even if you favor the Redskins. But when you start to disagree over the concept of life itself and the dignity of the human being, it gets harder and harder to remain on cordial terms. Reminds me of what someone said to Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (it might have been Manson himself) about how Charlie respected life - after all, he loved animals. Yeah, Bugliosi replied - and Hitler loved dogs.

Speaking of Derb, his latest question is whether or not it's proper to call a Catholic a "Papist." Amy covers this on her blog, and the exchange in the comments section is fascinating. I myself don't object - after all, I've got my Ratzinger Fan Club "Proud 2 B Papist" bumper-sticker - and I'd really, really like to believe that it's an innocent question from Derb. I want to like him. But considering how provocative he's been on issues important to us, I just don't know. People judge you by your actions, all you have left is your reputation. You kind of burn your good will; know what I mean?

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