Wednesday, June 22, 2005

MH - Hollywood's Ways Are Not Our Ways

Badda-Blogger has an interesting observation on the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes hookup, and summarizes the utter (and, IMHO, utterly correct) cynicism with which most people are viewing it. He also runs into the standard liberal mantra: if you haven't been an actor, you're not qualified to criticize actors. Isn't that a little like the line about "if you haven't fought in a war, you're not qualified to send others into battle?" Hmm.

Speaking of which, I saw this story at Fox which casts some sinister overtones on the whole Cruise-Holmes situation. Deprogrammer, anyone? (Note to lawyers: I'm not suggesting anything. I'm merely pointing out that if one were writing a story about a fictitious "cult" one might suggest a plot such as this.) Thanks to Amy for opening it up to comments.

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