Wednesday, June 22, 2005

MH - Organ Transplants

The Inn at the End of the World links to an article that strikes a cord with me – the demise of the ballpark organ. (Assist to The Irish Elk, who also has some nice Cubs stuff, including some terrific old pics of Wrigley Field.) Our friend Hadleyblogger Kristine is married to the Twins’ clubhouse manager, and we now live only three blocks from the Metrodome, so needless to say we could take in a lot more games than we do – one of the main reasons we don’t, at least for me, is the coarsening of the national pastime that’s depicted in this article. If it isn’t the inane music, it’s the stupid artificial hand-clapping from John Fogerty’s Centerfield, and if it isn’t that it’s the wave (can you believe that’s still popular out here?), and if it isn’t that it’s the scoreboard screaming for you to make more “NOISE.” After all that, you’re somewhat surprised to find out there’s a ballgame going on. Ah well, I already knew I had entered old fuddy-duddy status.

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