Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Wonder If Norm Coleman's Read This?

By Mitchell

You might recall a few weeks ago Minnesota's junior senator, Norm Coleman, laid waste to his pro-life status by supporting embryonic stem cell research. At the time, Norm made the brilliant statement that "We [Republicans] don't want to be the party that's anti-science."

Now comes a very interesting comment from the BBC (courtesy The Corner):

The potential benefits of embryonic stem cell research have probably been oversold to the public, fertility expert Lord Winston says.

He fears a backlash if science fails to deliver on some of the "hype" around the cells - as he believes may happen.

He says the notion that a host of cures for serious, degenerative disorders are just around the corner is fanciful.

In other words, if the Republicans hitch their wagon to the embryonic stem cell star, and that star fails to twinkle, then they'll just succeed in making everyone else anti-science. (Leave it to the Stupid Party to push people into their corner after they've already left it.) But it just shows the dangers of flinging labels around without really understanding what they mean. If Coleman really wants to show that his party isn't "anti-science," he should take the lead in promoting the many advancements made in non-embryonic research. Of course, that's not a sexy enough lead for the Star Tribune to feature...

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