Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Fox in the Henhouse

By Mitchell

My fried AdoroTeDevote has a post up with some very disturbing information about a woman by the name of Gabriel Ashley Ross, who is currently teaching the sacraments at several parishes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Says Adoro,

I submit to you the fact that more than one person in this Archdiocese has approached me with their concerns that Gabriel Ashley Ross is teaching First Reconciliation and First Communion to their children, and leads women's "Bible Studies" which currently revolves not around the Bible, but rather, scriptures of other world religions.

A point in question is Ross' involvement in a group called The Circle of the Sacred Earth. Adoro provides the links; read them and see what you think.

What makes this particularly disturbing in a local sense is that Gabriel Ashley Ross is "listed in the current Resource Directory of the Mpls.-St. Paul Archdiocese!!!!!"

Sigh. Why does this not surprise me?

If you find something wrong with this, spread the word, and kindly inform the Archdiocese of your concern. It's entirely possible that neither the archbishop nor his advisors are fully aware of Ross' record of involvement. If that's the case, you're doing a great work by helping to bring it to their attention.

And, well - if they do know, then you're doing others in the area a favor by spreading the word. The archdiocese will have to answer to a higher authority.

Great job bringing this to our attention, Adoro.

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