Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wish I'd Written That...

By Judith

"But feminism was always wrong to pretend that women could 'have it all.' It is not male society but mother nature who lays the heaviest burden on woman. No husband or day-care center can ever adequately substitute for a mother's attention. My feminist models are the boldly independent and childless Amelia Earhart and Katharine Hepburn, whohas been outspoken in her opposition to the delusion of 'having it all.'

"Women must take personal responsibility for the path they choose and stop whining about the options they have thereby lost. There is nothing more important than motherhood - not because it is 'caregiving' but because it is the primal source of all life and contains its own dark, ambiguous dualities.

"The well-heeled yuppies who dump their newborns off at day care six weeks after deliver and streak back to the office with screeching tires don't have a clue about motherhood or anything else."

Camille Paglia, Sex, Art, and American Culture

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