Monday, October 1, 2007

The Business of Sports

By Steve

My co-worker (and Our Word fan) Kristin sent me the following list from Free Republic - the 15 most influential people in sports.

1. Roger Goodell, Commissioner, NFL

2. Tiger Woods, Golfer

3. David Stern, Commissioner, NBA

4. George Bodenheimer, President, ESPN, ABC Sports; co-chairman, Disney Media Networks

5. Bud Selig, Commissioner, MLB

6. Brian France, Chairman, CEO NASCAR

7. Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics

8. Phil Knight, Chairman, Nike

9. Sean McManus, President, CBS News and Sports

10. Rupert Murdoch, Chairman, CEO, News Corp.

11. Michael Jordan, Managing Member of Basketball Operations, Charlotte Bobcats

12. Scott Boras, President, Boras Corp.

13. Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts

14. David Hill, Chairman, CEO, Fox Sports

15. Donald Fehr, Union boss, MLB

An interesting list. And as Kristin points out, only three of them are actual athletes. What does that mean? What that have been true fifty years ago as well? Would the same be true if you pulled a list like this together for writers, painters, musicians, etc?

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