Monday, October 1, 2007

Telling It Like It Is

By Drew

Mitchell mentioned NRO's David Frum on Friday, saying he didn't agree with him all the time but he always found his writing informative (or something like that). Well, I probably disagree with John Derbyshire at NRO even more than I agree with him, but Derb is a wordsmith, who comes by his convictions honestly (which is more than I can say for many), and so I'm inclined to cut him some slack in cases where I might not afford the same opportunity to others. (So sue me.) Anyhow, Derb relates this conversation with a Wall Street friend, in which the friend tells him what he really thinks of W. And I imagine there must be thousands, if not millions, of conservatives and/or Republicans who feel the same way:

Suddenly, with uncharacteristic anger, my drinking buddy said something like this: “The federal government’s main functions are to maintain a stable currency, keep us out of unnecessary foreign entanglements and wars, and patrol the coasts and borders. That’s three strikes on George Bush, [blasphemous expletive]! The man’s been a total [sexual expletive] disaster. What the [blasphemous expletive] [sexual expletive] hell was I thinking of, voting for this [cognitive-function expletive]?”

It's almost as entertaining trying to guess how to fill in the blanks (I think I figured them all out - try it, it's fun) as it is depressing to realize how true his words are. When asked who he was supporting, the friend said "Rudy" but, as Derb observed, without much enthusiasm. And that about says it on the state of politics right now, doesn't it?

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