Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dangers of Barack Obama

By Bobby

The dangers of electing Barack Obama as President of the United States would seriously bring this country back into the hands of those who wish for our defeat, and support rogue dictators around the world, including the most dangerous ones currently in power.

The defense that was built as a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks successfully knocked out the Taliban and Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party is what Barack Obama wants to eliminate and to put us in Clinton-era or weaker defense policies that allowed terrorists to have free reign and gave us four major attacks. (See Clinton Era Policies Coming Home to Roost.)

Mr. Obama wants to eliminate all state, local, and federal laws on abortion by passing the Freedom of Choice Act, which eliminates parental consent rules, thus legalising the practise of carrying people across the border for the gruesome act, and will legalise a gruesome form of infanticide where the baby is born feet-first and then the abortionist decapitates the baby's head. Jill Stanek, a nurse in a Chicago hospital, has seen other gruesome infanticides and has discussed the gruesomeness of the actions. Gianna Jessen suffers from cerebral palsy because of attempt to kill her in the womb with a lethal solution. I have seen both speak about the gruesomeness of the types of baby killings that would increase with federal legalisation of such acts, as each has spoken about it at the South Carolina March for Life.

The Culture of Death of the Obama administration also wants to create rationed health care. Does anyone understand that with such rationed health care, people could wait months for treatments or even basic illnesses, and in some cases, people will be left to die because it would be cheaper than to treat people for illnesses, with the proposed policies? (In Oregon, the state health care system said they would not treat a person to cure the illness, but instead would support euthanasia of the person by treating her with medicine to kill her instead.) It would allow for things such as Michael Schiavo, who killed his wife in a 15-year battle in order to marry another woman (as I've learned from Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri Schiavo's sister). It would create a socialist policy that would make important treatments impossible to obtain, and create less of an incentive to bring medical research by imposing rationed health care similar to European countries – and why many Europeans prefer to have their special treatments performed in the United States, where the incentive to do such experimental treatment is high. An Obama health care plan would eliminate that and rationing would eliminate the development of new doctors, quick-service medical care centers for basic symptoms that do not need a full-service doctor (such as CVS Caremark's Minute Clinic). It would also eliminate specialists who help with the special problems that need special treatment – I have a friend from college who now has a rare symptom that needs special treatment, and the Obama health plan would ignore her in favour of basic rationing of health care that would cripple her worse or even kill her.

Also, the Obama group would impose severe tax increases. As proven on recent talk radio programs, Obama would keep our corporate tax rates – one of the highest in the developed world – at 35% (or raise them), and increase our income tax severely, restore the estate tax, and more than double the dividend and capital gains taxes to spend on another failed Keynesian economic policy based on the government, not the free market, in control. The Obama plan asks Americans to stop investing in the market and instead be sheeple to liberal economic policy of “government knows best” when it does not do so. They intentionally helped bring down the stock market, and they want to drive Americans out of investing, turning American back from a 25-year revolution of the Investor Class that came from the Reagan economic policy, especially Kemp-Roth, that led to the surge of the stock market past the 1,000 mark and into five-figure gains that rode high until the Obama scare and the liberals' protection of unethical behaviour in the markets led to the current crash.

Franklin Raines, the Clinton appointee running Fannie Mae at the time, created the fiscal crisis by falsifying records of the government entity. Other Clinton officials, including the infamous Jamie Gorelick, were also in charge of the enterprises. After Mr. Raines left Fannie Mae, he ran down another company, Maytag, to the ground, leading it to be sold to Whirlpool. Can you trust leaders who ran down two companies to the ground and helped create the crises that caused the reign of Al Qaeda?

Furthermore, the Obama organisation has been deep into media regulation. Knowing the success of of the Lyndon B. Johnson administration in using the Fairness Doctrine to earn thousands of free hours on the air to push the Great Society and other anti-American legislation in the 1960's, they are willing to go one better and fight opposition media by shutting them down, as they have attempted against WGN Radio, the National Rifle Association, and Fox News Channel. They could simply pass new regulations to regulate radio, television, and the internet be regulated in a manner similar to China or Venezuela – and as we have seen, the Obama camp would want the United States to be regulated in a way similar to Hugo Chávez's Venezuela, where even private stations that do not tow the line are seized and replaced by government propaganda stations. In this situation, news-talk radio stations and even the Fox News Channel be seized by authorities and replaced by government propaganda nobody wants to listen by federal order, similar to what Mr. Chávez did to private station RCTV. The popular news-talk format created by the abolition of the Fairness Doctrine would be replaced by more annoying liberal music formats promoting liberal agenda such as homosexual “marriage” and an All Obama Channel similar to what has been done by Mr. Castro and Mr. Chávez. Can you imagine on the day of the Daytona 500 when liberal activists call the FCC claiming a violation of Obama Media policy, and the FCC forcing Fox to air a 4-hour infomercial to promote the Obama Green Earth mantra, including clips of environmentalist propaganda such as “Live Earth,” starting at 3:30 PM (the start of the Daytona 500), as liberals would force Fox to air such under threat of losing their licence?

In addition, the taxation policies of the Obama administration would be creating an anti-business atmosphere. Businesses rely on trucks -- especially pickup trucks and vans -- as part of their jobs. Under the new CAFE standards that increased the taxes on the auto industry based on fuel economy, automakers have lost many automotive jobs as it forced smaller cars and prevents businesses from buying the types of trucks they need for their work. The Big Three automakers are having to plead for a bailout because the government does not want them making anything but federally mandated microcars that cannot seat more than two people and are structurally weak such as the 1,700-pound microcars -- lighter than the 1,900 pound single-seat P1 prototypes in the 24 Heures du Mans. The Joe the Plumber types (and others) who rely on trucks for their jobs will not be able to have those trucks by mandate, let alone have them for their jobs. Furthermore, one major source of General Motors' advertising has been through talk radio with five conservative stars -- Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh -- receiving 30-second ads GM has placed on their shows. Liberals would want GM to lose as regulators would strip GM of a major advertising campaign to appease the Socialist/Marxist Left.

Liberals think the best way to fix a crisis they created is to create more problems, when they are causing the problem. Do we want Barack Obama, a "community organiser" in the form similar to ACORN, which is the organisation that would have benefited from this rejected policy and attempting to steal this election, running the country and turning it over to these crooks? ACORN is one of the organisations that benefited greatly from the fraudulent behaviour at the financial institutions, as they forced the banks into the bad loans that led to the present crisis that created partially nationalised banks and other banks to collapse.

It is time we look at the consequences we would pay in electing an Obama Presidency – support of terrorists, surrendering the legislature to Europe and letting them write our laws, killing babies on demand by legalising infanticide, rationed health care that will kill more people, media regulation that would take news radio away and replace it with government propaganda, and more policies such as the ones that brought this current financial crisis. We must prevent Obama and these activist liberals from bringing in a Chávez, Marx, and Lenin-style totalitarian régime from this country at all costs. It is similar to Pinks – lose and you lose it all.

The original letter was written to the local newspaper but this version has been edited to remove sections I mentioned in previous columns on this blog.

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