Friday, October 24, 2008

Let the Ink Flow

By Kristin

“Mitchell is on vacation, I can write what ever I want.”

Those words were quoted directly from the horse’s mouth. Not that I am calling Mitchell a horse or ever call anyone a horse for that matter. Mitchell is very tall, horses are tall. I can possibly see where there might be some resemblance based on height alone, but again, I would never call Mitchell a horse. But now that we are on the topic, I have always thought that it might be fun dressing up as a horse for Halloween. It would most likely get quite a few laughs and be terribly awkward for anyone wanting to maneuver around the costume. One obstacle I have found in fulfilling my dream of dressing as a gallant steed for Halloween has been to find someone willing to be doubled over for the entire evening as the rear-end. And if I were to go to a Halloween gathering, without doubt there would be some type of bean dip, because it would’t be a party with out bean dip. And if I have a lot of this delicious bean dip, we all know what would happen. It would be doubly painful for the “end” person to have to walk around hunched over with the bean aroma wafting around in the suit.

After careful consideration, I respectfully suspend any attempts to dress as a horse for Halloween.

I digress. The point of this is that I can write about whatever I want because Mitchell is on vacation, or as some like to say, out to lunch. Or does that mean he is crazy? I can never remember with these phrases. You’d think that by saying that someone was “out to lunch”, that would mean they would be at least mildly intelligent, or intelligent enough to hold down a job to be able to afford eating out once in a while. And another phrase that bothers me is “a piece of cake”, as in, “I had no problems tying my shoes this morning, it was a piece of cake”. I feel I can’t speak for everyone, but to me, baking has always been a challenge. I will be the first to admit failure in baking from boxes by adding ingredients out of order, in the wrong portion mistaking myself for an Iron Chef. The phrase “a piece of cake” should be changed to refer to skilled and precise tasks that take years to master. And I would just like to add that the idiom “beat a dead horse” is just cruel and conjures images of a poor fellow in a horse Halloween costume being beaten with a newspaper.

But let us talk about the fact that I have total free rein to write anything I want because our fearless leader is absent. I could write about politics, but I feel a little drained about the topic. The Economy? No, its been beaten like a dead horse. Oh, that phrase did fit quite nicely. I guess it is useful. Sorry horse.

Well I have had a field day with this article. Letting my metaphorical pen flow across the metaphorical page was truly a day at the beach. Let’s cross our fingers and hope at I am able to stay with this blog after this.

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