Thursday, June 4, 2009

Get the Point

By Drew

A friend of mine was complaining recently about one of those "team building" exercises that companies are so fond of. This one involved going to a outdoors camp where, he grumbled, they'd get to "sing camp songs and practice hatchet throwing." "I can't carry a tune," he said darkly, "but I wouldn't mind having a shot at the hatchet throwing."

As it turned out, the team building was cancelled due to "budget considerations," but that he wouldn't completely miss out on the experience, I offer you one of classic television's most famous clips:

Notice how, during all the laughter, you can literally see Carson's mind at work, the wheels turning to shape the one-liner to follow. And when he does spring it, it's carefully timed to coincide with the dying-down of the original laughter, prompting an even bigger roar from the audience. Carson not only knew how to think on his feet, he had the timing of a comic genius - which, in fact, he was.

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