Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Gill Money: More False Marriage

By Bobby

Ah, yes.

Tim Gill's money trail is at it again. New Hampshire has now fallen to the Gill Project's false-marriage ideals with the passage of a bill that legalises the false "marriage" ideals of San Francisco's "Any Two-Some Newsom," as Dr. Weiner says. And once again, an investigation turned up the homosexual activist's cash in the hands of the ruling liberals in the Granite State. While the New Hampshire Motor Speedway is all about "Live Free and Race," the homosexual activists have a "Don't Let Anyone Live Free, Let's Put Our Facist Policies In" ideal. "If you're pro-family and support the Bible, you must die. You have no right to live" is the philosophy of the state leadership, bought and paid for by the homosexual activist Mr. Gill.

And it's a plan that he worked in many states, and now has more in his sights. I found he had contributed to a lesbian candidate in Charleston who lost, and nearly claimed the Congressional seat thanks to that cash. That candidate was an heiress to the empire that built a North Carolina supermarket that is now Belgian, and remember, Belgium is a country that accepts the false marriage.

Please, it's time we stop this push to false marriage. Can anyone stop this dangerous train?

Star Tribune
Citizen Link

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