Monday, June 22, 2009

A June Weekend of Dignity

By Bobby

Some thoughts came to me over this week while reviewing news in regards to causes as Christians. A major Protestant denomination's doctrine of faith states the following:
In the spirit of Christ, Christians should oppose racism, every form of greed, selfishness, and vice, and all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality, and pornography. We should work to provide for the orphaned, the needy, the abused, the aged, the helpless, and the sick. We should speak on behalf of the unborn and contend for the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.
(The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 edition, Section XV, "The Christian and the Social Order".

Social Engineering - Redefining Marriage for Federal Employees. President Obama's Social Engineering project made two huge advances this week. First, in violation of the aforementioned article, he is defying the Defense of Marriage Act by declaring homosexual partners "married" for benefits purposes for federal employees, defying the standards of the federal law and also many states which have constitutional amendments and laws that declare spouses, and the respective benefits, belong only to persons of the opposite sex who are married to that person -- and no "transgendered" people -- that declare in that state spouses must be of the opposite sex. The decision of the Obama Social Engineering Project to appease the sexual deviants shows once again that the Tim Gill money that has infiltrated local legislatures is now clearly in the hip pocket of Washington. Some believe this is one more step into pushing for their false marriages into the federal level, or even legalising polygamy, which is illegal. Remember in American history, Utah had to declare marriage as "one man" and "one woman" and ban polygamy in order to be admitted as a state. Polygamy was rampant in Mormonism (LDS) and currently in the Islamic world.

Social Engineering - Forcing Microcars Down Our Throats. It's well known now that liberal activists use social engineering to force the minicars and microcars down our throats. The "Cash for Clunkers" earmark in the "defense authorisation" bill is another example of liberals trying to use our defense authorisation bills to force their troubling agenda through. This is a government request to force us into the microcars they've wanted to force us to drive, and wean us out of our trucks, especially since the 2007 Pelosi energy act. Ford executive Alan Mulally has recommended fuel prices should be raised (by taxes) to two dollars a litre (now we see why they supported the microcar mandate; GM and Chrysler kept with trucks, and Obama seized them, reminiscent of Governor Sanford being seized in that he had to take Porkulus money when he refused), and foreign automakers' praise of the green auto standards, have shown what supporting this administration will do. Worse yet, two years ago, the defense authorisation bill was used to raise the minimum wage 40% to appease the labour unions in charge, which has been responsible for much of the unemployment turmoil in this country.

NRLC Charlotte 2009. Taxpayers would pay for abortions under plans of the socialised medicine plans that we have called "HillaryCare" or "ObamaCare". Rep. Christopher Smith (left) mentioned at the National Right to Life Convention Closing Dinner in Charlotte Saturday night of the dangers of such. Not only would we receive rationed health care of the likes in Europe, our taxpayer money would be used to pay for killing people, and one proposal floated would require all obstetricians to have killed at least one child (did not mention chemical, D&E, D&X, or other forms) through an abortion before being certified as an obstetrician. He also ran off a list of what he called "The Abortion President" and the numbers of pro-baby murder people in his cabinet, and described the mother of the "birth control" movement Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and her Eugenics movement, especially with the racist views of Miss Sanger. In times reminiscent of 1984 style doublespeak, he described the doublespeak of the abortion lobby:

  • "Safe" -- Never safe.
  • "Legal and Rare" -- Massive numbers of abortion, anywhere, at any time.
  • "Reproductive Care" (used as part of socialised medicine plans) -- Baby murder factories and full support.

Mr. Smith noted too that the President is forcing other nations to accept legalisation of abortion, but what I observed was while he wants other nations to adopt baby murder as full and legal for all nine months, he is having other liberal nations' laws override our laws passed by our state legislatures and federal legislators in all aspects of law, henceforth why I have often referred as the nation's legislative capital moving to Belgium. Furthermore, the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) has turned a blind eye on Peking's automatic abortion and eugenics policy in the People's Republic as part of the one child policy, comparing it to Hitler-era Germany's eugenics policy, and calling it a total capitulation of human rights abuses.

When you've been at the dinner table with Terri Schiavo's siblings (Bobby Schindler at the 2009 NRLC Convention, Suzanne Vitadamo at the 2006 SCCL pre-march dinner), been in the front lines of learning the agenda over twelve March for Life events, and even have heard Sean Hannity speak on this at the 2001 event in that venue, what do you expect?

The winner of the oratorical contest, Elizabeth Trisler, even mentioned that Jay Leno helped support the Feminist Majority Foundation at an April 29 fundraiser. This organisation is designed to force as many children to be killed as possible. She also said that her (then) four-year old brother could identify a "fetus" as a living child, something this government cannot identify. Another point she referenced was a 2004 report where four times as many mothers died in abortions than died in childbirth (101 vs 27).

We have ourselves a great up and coming speaker once she gets through college and law school, if she can keep her faith.

The dinner was expensive but was the only event I could attend because of work (missed out on all the goodies, which I regret). Nevertheless, Christopher Smith's speech was huge, and the oratorical contest reminds me every school needs a pro-life oratorical contest in order for us to send our local winners to a regional contest, and be able to represent our state at the next NRLC in Pittsburgh. Of course, a nice dinner that could have been prepared by a member of the staff of a Fuji Television series (let's say it -- allez cuisine!), an NRLC intern who had great piano skills on that Gibson piano (Gibson, which has been in the piano business in 2004, shut down its US piano factory in Arkansas last year and has all pianos made in China after purchasing a state-owned firm in 2006) provided by the hotel (The adults had better music! The kids party was kids dancing to pop tunes of a bygone era and even into today, and was far worse than what I remember) playing during our meal, and the great speeches made it worth the wait, although some didn't like the hotel which held this year's convention. It was the same building as the last time NRLC was in the Queen City, but undergoing a sale and change in name meant many things weren't the same. (The last time it was in Charlotte, I attended it and saw Sean Hannity. The youth are smart enough that when I started to quote the theme song of the radio show, they knew it was Sean!)

Oh, by the way: please bring back the Carmina Burana to Sean's opening.

Protecting Baby Killers but not Feline Killers. My cat finds herself thinking as much as Rush Limbaugh's cat. But when an 18-year old who kidnaps and kills cats is prosecuted while so many who kill babies under the guise of "abortion" are being allowed off the hook, what gives? Why can't the babies be protected like the cats?

Ken Jennings Admits It. The three million dollar game show legend who won on Jeopardy! five years ago has assisted with Sony once again on a game show project. This past season, he was on Sony's Who Wants to be a Millionaire as an Ask the Expert panelist. Now he's admitted to taping a New York pilot for the proposed 2009 CBS revival of another Sony game show, Pyramid.

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