Friday, November 27, 2009

Resting and Running

By Bobby Chang

As I write this [Wednesday night], don't forget that many of us will be helping give thanks and help local charities, and reminding ourselves of Chris Rice's "Candle Song" (1993) that later became, when recorded by Kathy Troccoli, "Go Light Your World" when she made it a #1 song in two years later. The choir where I shall be singing Händel's Messiah sang "Go Light Your World" recently, and I met Miss Troccoli in a benefit for a crisis pregnancy centre (my first encounter with the 51-year old Dove Award winner was for the South Carolina March for Life in 1998).

My voice teacher once told me in her youth, she had sung a song from Miss Troccoli (just like I did). But she did not mention which one, but for me it was not Go Light Your World. However, it's a song that I have loved to enjoy. Please note this version in question was directed by Suzanne Ringer, who will be leading the choir where I am scheduled to sing for Händel's Messiah this fall.

And oh, by the way: Having done a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving, I probably shall not have much of an appetite after running eight thousand metres at the Colonial Life Arena.

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