Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wish I'd Written That

By Bobby Chang

On Tuesday, the fire department put the Nativity back up, along with displays of other religious and non-religious holidays. That's fine, even if it smacks of making a Gamecocks fan hang a tiger paw flag on his front porch."

Charleston (SC) Fire Station #12 had a manger scene positioned in their fire station until a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation appeared, and they ordered it down. On December 23, a few non-religious signs were up under court mandate. This is what a Charleston newspaper columnist wrote about it. Imagine having a Vikings flag on your porch and then told to fly one of a hated division rival.


"I'm at a loss for words in a situation like this." -- Alex Trebek

The Answer: Calendar date with the 20th Century began.

All three players bet everything, and asked, "What is January 1, 1900?"

They were wrong, and all three players were bankrupt with a three-way loss at zero. The correct question was, "What is January 1, 1901?"

So remembering this incident on the 11 September 1984 episode of Jeopardy! 1984
(the second episode of the show, now in its 26th season), the 202nd Decade in
the Year of Our Lord starts January 1, 2011, not 2010. 2010 is just the tenth
year of the 201st Decade of the Year of Our Lord.

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