Monday, January 4, 2010

The Year We Make Contact

By Bobby Chang

Two thousand ten is the year we make contact, as it was said in a movie, and on this year, we make contact to remember that we are still in a fight with Islamoterror. With all allegations against my Senator DeMint on blocking a Transportation Security Administration official because of his wishes to unionise, it should be reminded that liberals mandated total control of security workers when they controlled the Senate in 2001 after the terrorist attacks, for the intent of being able to entirely unionise the workers when possible.

The big scare is if workers are unionised, and union labour regulations as imposed by liberals come into play, could we see an entire shutdown of airports when workers go on strike and with a replacement worker ban imposed by the next liberal labour policy, result in an inability for the TSA to do anything. This is exactly the concern I had eight years ago with government policy supporting stupidity in a labour supporting policy that punishes everyone else.

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