Saturday, June 5, 2010

Early June Reflections: the oil spill, IRL, Texas, Mary Lee's music

We are standing on Holy Ground? The chorus of a “gospel” song from Geron Davis is ironic considering the news that a Planned Parenthood official calls a newly built mega-abortion mill a "sacred and holy ground". So killing babies is acceptable and banning opponents from speaking is appropriate. Just for the record, the former abortion mill on Barnwell Street in my metropolitan area, after the death of the murderer in an automobile collision, is now the headquarters of the South Carolina affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

A Texas Two-Step? The past two Indianapolis 500 winners (Dixon, Castroneves) have won the Fort Worth IndyCar race, traditionally 13 days after the 500, but now six days after the 500 with the loss of Milwaukee because of political issues (which I believe could be used as a front by green activists on the Left to eliminate automobile racing in favour of green space or gambling casinos at the Wisconsin State Fair Park). So this time, it's Fort Worth – Denton County that will have the event after, with the race being held, as is tradition for Eddie Gossage's circuit, on a Saturday night. In its 14th running (one of the races was a day race because of rain), this race has gained a reputation of being the second-biggest IRL event after Indianapolis, partially because of its speed and its nighttime race, which gave the race its reputation as a Saturday Night Showdown that in the early years let the midget and sprint car drivers return to their roots as weekly racers, and revolutionised open-wheel racing with its aura of the night.

Eleven different tracks have raced a National Championship race at night in the modern era, and the partially temporary F1 track at Abu Dhabi and the Streets of Singapore have gone with a dark race. But all of them can thank Fort Worth for teaching the different challenges of night racing. Too bad the day race was lost because of the same lawsuit that forced NASCAR to give up the Grand Slam for taking away the IRL's day race at Texas.

Wind and Solar: The Mantra. President Obama is using the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to promote the Left's main cause of banning oil exploration and forcing the nation to wind and solar energy, banning trucks, and wishing for a Microcar Nation. I've seen the writing on the wall for years and this is the perfect storm to push for the energy policy of the Left. The Pelosi Administration (2007-09) started it and now we have the perfect storm.

Haunting Piece. Last week I attended a dance concert by Unbound (Caroline Lewis-Jones' company), “The Divine Art of Survival,” based on stories of survival by dance company friends, inspired by the loss of her mother. Live music from the Upton Trio, featuring South Carolina Philharmonic concertmaster Mary Lee Taylor-Kinosian, played during the performances. The opening dance was set to the live Upton performance of “Evocation: In Memoriam September 11, 2001,” a piece that truly set the solemnity of the day that seemingly our President, and our Left, forgets every day. When George W. Bush set the nation in an Earnhardtian mentality of “take no prisoners” and intimidating terrorists, and Barack Obama wants us to reverse the attitude of the “one tough customer” of The Intimidator in favour of cowtowing to the world, it seems he wants us to think over 3,000 died in vain on that September morning. Pieces like these remind me of the difference between the pop music of the world and serious chamber music and orchestras that has shown in the types of music we as a group prefer.

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