Thursday, January 6, 2011

Classic Sports Thursday

While researching tomorrow's "Retro TV Friday," I came across this clip (You Tube is a wonderful thing) from Game 7 of the 1969 NBA Finals between - surprise - the Celtics and the Lakers. This game was played, if you can believe it, on May 5 - well over a month earlier than it would be today. It was, as I recall, one of the rare championship games to be nationally televised in prime time rather than in the usual Sunday afternoon timespot.

If you're so inclined, you can hunt down the rest of the quarter on You Tube. But note some things from this clip that are readily apparent: low-key announcers (Chris Schenkel and Jack Twyman, an underappreciated humanitarian), limited graphics (just the score, ma'am), a court that is remarkably free of clutter, uniforms that fit (and shorts that don't come down to the ankles), and most of all a serious atmosphere (do you really miss not having that obnoxious music blaring at you during every stoppage in play?). I'll tell you, if it was like this today, I might still be a basketball fan.
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