Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Notable Quotables, 2010

The Year in Review time is here, and here we go with some outrageous, and fun quotes from 2010.

“Has feminising of today’s classical music allowed the tackiness of women in concert halls where it’s appropriate to be Henry Ford, and wear anything, provided it’s black, even if it’s a black sweatshirt, black jeans, and sneakers, something that I find inappropriate when the dinner jacket is worn?”

-- On “Beethoven and Blue Jeans”. Later in the year a friend and I attended the Methodist university's concert choir performance of Händel's Messiah and the dress of the choral singers had started becoming sloppy with questionable dresses. What is with the sloppiness of dress in the orchestra?

“Whatever happened to the idea of walking golf? The pros do it, but the country-clubbers who want the revenue ban the simplest of golf fundamentals.”

-- On playing my first full round of golf.

“Eardrum-busting prerecorded music is not church music – ever.”

-- Excessively loud church “music”.

“Hey, it was the 13th marathon on the 13th of February. Something was bound to go wrong.”

-- Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon XIII was canned because of snow on February 12 just eight hours from the gun. The second attempt is in seven weeks, and unfortunately, they will have a course different from the one originally drawn. A user sent me this statement. The 13th renewal of the marathon is February 19.

“It would have been better if McMurray fending off Junior on Lap 208 was at 9:34 PM instead of 7:34 PM where Family Guy would never have aired."

-- On “Family Guy” insulting Sarah Palin, which should have never aired. It also began the Ganassi Triple Crown of the Daytona 500 and both major Indianapolis races (500 and 400). The Harley Earl, Borg-Warner, and PPG Trophies.

"It was a suspicious setting of Psalm 23 (not to be confused with the settings I've heard in various places) from Mr. McFerrin, which was clearly a feminist-oriented theology based on God as feminine. That was highly sacrilegious and inappropriate music to be used, and to be using this feminist tune with 'invented' 'added to this to appease one group' that you do not see in a legitimate Bible translation does not make any sense.”

-- Declining to attend a concert of the Concordia College choir because of a “feminist version of Psalm 23” used by the choir. The Bobby McFerrin arrangement (yes, a pop artist) is notorious for it.

“As the Mark Burnett game show would say to today's generation that learned the false teachings that indoctrinated them into modern liberalism and could not answer that fifth-grade question correctly, these slaves of the modern liberal movement must come to the desk and say, "My name is Student of the Modern Liberal Movement, and we can promise hope and change in our way, but I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader." Instead of little owls being developed in schools today, we have skulls full of mush with only feelings, and not understanding.”

-- On the Passage of ObamaCare, taking a reference to a Mark Burnett Productions - Radio Television Luxembourg (holds international rights) show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy (US), Noel Edmonds (UK), John McManus III (Australia).

“Sorry, but jiggling with your girlfriend (who can't sing in this group which shares its initials with a pop music trio consisting of Oneness Pentecostal ministers) to this song that Caroline (Lewis-Jones) chose should be your punishment.”

-- To Lewis Hamilton, after he was nailed for “actions detrimental to street traffic” in Melbourne. The Oneness Pentecostal ministers are Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig, and Dan Dean. In this part of the country, in the world of popular music, PCD means “Phillips, Craig, and Dean”. Their concert date restrictions are unique in popular music in that they will ensure they are home on Saturday nights in order to preach (their false teachings of this “cult”) on Sundays.

How can dancing to "Spirit in the Sky," a song that violates Romans 3:23, be regarded as church material while an orchestra playing Händel's Messiah or Haydn's Die Schöpfung is regarded as wrong-leveled in our society?

-- Regarding the suspension of orchestras. And yes, I value the two unrelated Hills over Greenbaum any day for music.

"Talk about your sacred music feast at church in Charleston today. Mozart's Gloria (from Twelfth Mass), three from Messiah, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, two Gospel readings (John 20:3-9, Phil 3:10-11), Holy, Holy, Holy, All Hail the Power of Jesus Name, and one from Beethoven's Christus am Ölberge. Beats sappy rock... ANY day for this classically trained tenor. A five-course meal!"

-- Regarding an Easter service.

“Is Steve Matchett writing the Fox Sports Race Trax?”

-- During the Samsung Mobile 500, moved to Monday, I read the Fox Sports Race Trax. The message posted said, “CAUTION 6 - Lap 312: David Reutimann’s engine goes Kablamo. Tough luck for the seventh-place driver. Wow - Lots of fire underneath the car!"

“Of course, musically, 'Brittnee' means Siemon (a mezzo I know well) and 'Lindsay' means Mr. Graham, my Senior Senator often called Grahamnesty by Jason Lewis (who before working in Minnesota had worked at Charlotte's WBT Radio).”

-- In retaliation for a column where an episode of Glee talked Miss Spears and Miss Lohan.

"Glee, (Madonna) Ciccone, and some Stefani Germanotta? For me it's Heintzkill (Suzanna), Hill (Contessa), and Cole (Figaro)."

-- In response to a Madonna-themed Glee that was the dreams of a friend, I reminded myself of personal singing role models when I attended Le Nozze di Figaro in March. Miss Heitzkill was the soprano I referenced in Dancing with the Phil, Miss Hill of course is my long-time voice teacher, and Mr. Cole is the music director at First Presbyterian, and was the bass in Sing-Along Messiah V when his wife Holly was the alto.

“You don't watch MTV, you don't get the time to watch much television save news and sports, and you have ties to classical music organisations. So what time do I have to know the latest pop tunes?”

-- To a friend, on a song played during a workout.

“Is there a curse this year with marathons? We've had weather play parts in canning a marathon entirely and play havoc in cutting another short. Having done six and victimised by the snow, I cannot see what is next?”

-- After the Team in Training Winter 2010 team's second attempt at doing a marathon ended in disaster with a thunderstorm-shortening affair in Nashville's Country Music Marathon, part of the Competitor Group's Rock and Roll Marathon Series.

“(T)he voice we all admire and enjoy listening is literally on a milk carton, and is not in the body of the 51-year old whom I've said is the one artist I haven't seen I'd like to see – but not the voice of this album! “

-- On Dark Hope, from Renée Fleming, where the genre of music being pushed is not what you would expect from a singer of this level.

“I am afraid that the courts are going to let (Conrad Slocumb, convicted of criminal sexual conduct in 1992 at 13 for criminal sexual conduct, shooting a teacher and nearly killing her (30 years for the crime), and then in 1996 escaping a prison vehicle, running into an apartment, and attacking another woman at 16 (sentenced to life in prison after that)) free using an unratified treaty and foreign law. Is Geneva the capital of the United States? If so, they're saying teens have free reign to do anything gruesome since the courts will protect them.”

-- About freeing teenage criminals because their life sentences for heinous crimes were declared unconstitutional because of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child declaring them illegal. At last count, the United States did not ratify this. Why are the courts ruling as if it was ratified?

“This trophy has no business being in a party of an event that glorifies Sodom and Gomorrah.”

-- The Stanley Cup is featured in a Chicago sexual deviancy festival parade.

“Where have we seen it with the big red cigarettes?”

-- In regards to an incident at the Großer Preis Santander von Deutschland where Alonso passed Massa with the radio transmission “Fernando is faster than you are.” I picked up the information on the James Allen on F1 site as I ate lunch, as the race was not broadcast until after the lunch hour, hours after the race was over.

“The more I hear these wonderful pieces from centuries ago (such as Händel's Israel in Egypt, HWV 54), the more I am convicted. Shows what a tenor whose credentials include Haydn, Händel, and Beethoven in choral events enjoys best. No need for WMG, EMI, or Vivendi junk.”

-- On the July 27, 2010 episode of Crosstalk, “Sing ye to the Lord” was played for the final minutes of the call-in show by the hostess to discuss rediscovering serious church music. I am a tenor whose credentials include those three composers in my vocal resumé.

“Harry Reid wants total control to keep his No Debate, No Discussion in order to force as much of the Left's wicked secularist agenda down our throats.”

-- And we saw that in the Lame Duck Session.

“Laws of Spain and Argentina passed by their socialist régimes are now acceptable to this court but not the Constitution is lacking correct thinking, but they seem to want to dig our Constitution into a grave and bury it while allowing other nations to overthrow our government by our court order. But where is their logic in what they do?”

-- On Justice Kagan.

A Bible "study" with Gaia worship violates the first Commandment ("Thou Shalt Have No Other gods Before Me.").

-- A “green” Bible Study was promoted in a Life Enhancement Centre. Instead of God's Word, it was promoting fringe environmentalism.

“But what scares me is (Shaquan Duley) could mingle her way out of a jail sentence by using an unratified UN treaty, the Commission to End Discrimination on All Women (CEDAW), to free her based on psychological excuses. Proper sentences have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on many sentences based on foreign law and unratified treaties in violation of the United States Constitution. Could we see people being freed on baby murder based on unratified treaties? Too many times we know the Supreme Court will rule foreign law is superior to United States law. Where does it say that Brussels is the Nation's Capital?”

-- On the Shaquan Duley murder of her children.

“So Catholic and Protestant parochial schools are now illegal in California, as they are denied admission to colleges because their textbooks do not comply with the humanist worldview. Meanwhile, we accept the worldview of pop stars other religions?”

-- On the California college admissions requirements.

“Many of the street circuits are full of partiers who may not care about the race but care about the big rock concert the night before or after the race, the big bikini show, or another big event that is more appealing than the race.”

-- On the rise in F1, IndyCar, ALMS, and V8 Supercars to embrace races on city streets instead of closed circuits. For the 2011 season, IndyCar dropped Watkins Glen, NY (permanent 3.403 mile natural-terrain road course) in favour of Baltimore (a street race going around the two sports stadia). Big nighttime party over pure racing bliss is senseless, especially with a concrete canyon.

“(This death) should be a warning to sports officials on gambling. Ban ads in stadia, ban ads in radio and television broadcasts, ban ads in programs, ban ads on uniforms. This is worse than Pete Rose. A life was lost here.”

-- On the death of a Denver Broncos wide receiver and a close friend of Argonauts running back Cory Boyd (the two and I are connected). It was found he was deep in gambling debts.

"Now that the New Bud Man has bought a (vacation) home here, why can't we get the Budweiser Impala replicas to be the support vehicles for the Marathon?"

-- Kevin and Delana Harvick bought a vacation home on Kiawah Island (probably will be used by his golf buddies for the 2012 PGA there; Happy has played in the Pro-Am at the Wyndham Championships) and the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon course (two laps for the marathon runners, one for the half runners) goes past it. Just for the record, I finished in 6:37:36.

“Reality television is a misnomer in some situations. Some shows are game shows (The Apprentice, Survivor, Idols) and not reality shows, where contestants are playing for a prize.”

-- The term by Union University (Memphis area) professor Steve Beverly is “game opera”.
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