Monday, June 27, 2011

More on remembering Nick Charles

I was watching the Braves game on FSN last night, and studio host Fred Hickman spent at least five minutes of the show on a tribute to his long-time broadcast partner.

This from his Twitter: "I will sorely miss my friend and Brother Nick Charles. Please pray for his family."

This was Fred's public letter from March.
No Twitter posts from Katie (his daughter) yet, but here's her account (and noted the appropriateness of the boxing tweets on her Twitter). She is a former track star and the cruelest irony of this might come next April if the former cheerleader who became a cross-country runner at Kennesaw State applies in time for a race she has duly qualified -- having run a fast enough time in the Snickers Albany (GA) Marathon to qualify for the holy grail of marathons.
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