Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trouble for Christian charities with more false marriage

Our little parochial school's baseball and softball teams played games on a field at a denomination-run orphanage, what is now the local chapter of the Connie Maxwell Children's Home, named for the daughter of a Greenwood family who bequeathed the original home in memory of their seven-year old daughter, a victim of scarlet fever in the 1880's).

This story reminds me of the dangerous consequences of Friday night's dastardly passage of a “redefinition of marriage” in New York that changes marriage to the “any two” where it's no longer “I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife” to “I Now Pronounce You Spouses” as new marriage certificate applications will now state specifically “Spouse A” and “Spouse B”. “Husband” and “Wife”, “Bride” and “Groom”, and “Man” and “Woman” are now banned, replaced by the A/B designation as art of the new “definition of marriage” to advance the Gill Agenda.

As the advancement of the Gill Agenda has now come, in the words of Albert Mohler, has come to the point one out of every nine Americans are now in states where false “marriage” is legalised, the Catholic and Protestant charities such as Catholic Charities, Connie Maxwell Children's Home, and other faith-based charities such as Mercy Ministries are now being punished where Christians are no longer permitted to run their own adoption agencies, foster homes, or help the weakest because their reliance on the Bible violates new standards of “the family” as defined in “civil union” and new “definition of marriage” laws passed in the past decade. Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, District of Columbia, and now New York are among areas where Catholic Charities and Protestant organisations the equivalent of Connie Maxwell are now banned from their work of adoption because they only allow adoptions to heterosexual married couples, and ban unmarried couples (“shacking up”) and same-sex “couples” from adoptions, which violate the New World Order that gives sexual deviants special rights, something Public Laws 111-84 and 111-321 have rewarded.

Freedom of Religion, long a basic freedom of this nation, is rapidly in the past fifty years of humanism being eroded. False marriage laws ban churches and religious organisations from doing the charity work of the past. With the one out of nine standard, churches are no longer being permitted to organise their charities as state and federal authorities impose new standards based on the requests of sexual deviants over all others that conflict with Biblical teachings. Churches are now being forced to exit as freedom of religion is replaced by the rights of deviants. No wonder pop culture, sexual deviants in Hollywood, the teachings of modern textbooks, and other pieces of the indoctrination has given us a world where the church is now replaced by the government, and sexual deviants are superior to Christians where they can impose their standards on everyone, while Christians are not even allowed participation in the square.
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