Friday, July 15, 2011

Retro TV Friday

During a break from practice for the upcoming Summer Chorus II production of Mozart's Requiem, I noticed a picture from a youth opera camp with an instructor teaching youth, and noticed who he was. Two years ago, he was the bass in our production of selections of Haydn's Die Jahreszeiten. With the story that broke out about him, this 1960's song that relates to Retro TV Friday was stuck in my head. Why?

In 1962, Eddie Rambeau was a young teenager whose music was about to be played on "American Bandstand" but was blocked minutes from performing because of a conflict of interest with an ABC employee who wrote the song. It could not be played on ABC owned and operated radio station, which hurt its chart potential. Payola was a major concern at the time. Yet years later, Milton DeLugg recorded an instrumental version of the song, and to this day it is the more familar version of the song, having been used for five different decades.

That song is associated with that vocal instructor and if you understand what happened last month, you can associate the song, him, and the association. What show's theme song was this?

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