Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Digest

This weekend's digest of thoughts, collected from a gaggle of reads.

Robert Knight: Obama's Assault on the Rule of Law.

George Nethercutt: Maryland Students Go Green . . . but not the Red, White, and Blue. (Schools push the anti-industry, anti-American, job-killing environmentalist agenda.)

Mike Adams: The Rape of Caleb Warner (a student falsely charged with a crime is punished).

Dennis Prager: Ten Ways Progressive Policies Harm Society's Moral Character.

Albert Mohler: Reparative Therapy, Sexual Deviancy, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Liberals' attempt to bash Michele Bachmann for what husband Marcus' therapy services offer.)

Vincent Vernuccio: Labour's New Strategy: Intimidation for Dummies.

Julie Moore: National Bible Drill tournament (and youth need these events to learn their Bibles). The turning away from the Holy Book has led to the massive push of humanism in society today.

Adam Cooper: Chandok in, Trulli out, for Tony Fernandes' team at the 'Ring.

Paul Magno: Ross Greenburg was not the only problem with HBO (boxing). (Also notes boxing's move from network television to pay-television is part of the sport's downfall.)
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