Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why cronies are Eastern European, and other troubling issues

Why the Bad Guys are Bulgarian. Last week, while attending a performance of a youth-oriented musical based on Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I noticed the enemies were from Bulgaria. It had me thinking on a literary front based on the novelist why the enemy had to be Eastern European.

Mr. Fleming's novels from his best-known literary franchise is known to feature East Bloc characters, considering names such as СМЕРШ, a Soviet intelligence agency based in Ленинград (now Санкт-Петербург) (even though the organisation is used only twice in authorised EON films based on those novels, in 1964 and 1987) dominated, and his novels and related films have carried a storyline of the character battling Soviet and East Bloc enemies. No wonder Chitty had to carry a Bulgarian villain – it would make perfect sense considering how many times СМЕРШ battled the main character of those well-known novels!

E-Readers Concern Me. Amazon's decision with AT&T to start selling advertising-supported Kindle e-readers scares me considering e-readers are rapidly replacing printed books. What if you purchased an e-reader file of a conservative author's book, and while reading it, you were bombarded on your e-reader by advertising for Organising for America, including Barack Obama's re-election or organisations funded by Soros György, which are extreme leftist groups? What if you purchased religious literature and they posted advertising for atheism, humanism, or New Age? What if you purchased literature for your children through the reader and they sent you ads for adult material? This is the type of abuse that can actually happen now, and there may be no recourse in the future. And of course, we have college literature that automatically expires after the school year ends, thus equaling an extra cash cow for the publishers, as they cannot sell them back on the free market to give home-schoolers a way to study advanced material.

The Real Problem. Listening to talk radio discuss the budget impasse, I learned that the bogus “baseline budgeting” that leads to kayfabe cuts when spending increases are embedded into law was based on Public Law 93-344, the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, one of a series of laws that ruling Democrats passed in an era where they had increasing control of Congress as a result of Watergate. If we abolished the baseline budgeting and the mandatory spending increases imposed in those laws, we would definitely solve much of our problems we have now. Liberals have long wanted to keep the Keynesian economic policy and Public Law 93-344 shows it. The laws liberals passed in 1973-80 in the wake of Watergate show themselves to be part of a permanent push to mandate the Left on us, and when we're broke, they want us to spend more.
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