Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Checks and balances

One part of the American judicial system's signature calling cards is the checks and balances system.  Sadly, the judges are too arrogant today and believe nobody can put a check on them.

When sexual deviancy groups began to flaunt "sexual freedom trumps religious freedom," as Administration official Chai Feldblum has publicly mentioned, the rules changed.  Courts began forcing homsexual activism of all colours, and in states, legislatures began placing checks on the courts, stating believers have a right to religious freedom.  After hours of bullying on CNN, MSNBC, and every mainstream popular culture outlet, Governess Brewer vetoed common sense tightening of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

And unfortunately, popular culture is wrong.  Suppose a local Bible publisher is told by a sexual deviancy organisation to print flyers for a "pride" rally that features child pornography (which is against the law) on the flyer to promote the grotesque sin peddling event.  The publisher refuses, and the deviants sue the publisher.  With Miss Feldblum's singular chant of "sexual freedom trumps religious freedom," the courts could, especially with this Administration's notorious court-packing that FDR could only imagine he had with the Reid Rules, declare the law against child pornography illegal and force the publisher to print the illegal pornography, similar to companies fined for refusing to serve sin-peddling events of their convictions.

Suppose a photographer refuses to photograph a "pride" event with X-rated acts I cannot mention in a family-friendly commentary.  He says it is because of his high standards and decency.  However, the organisation sues, again trumping the sexual freedom card.  That is our problem with rogues, and a reason why that Arizona bill should have been signed.

If we replace our Freedom of Speech, Press, and Religion with Sexual Freedom and Government intrusion into everything else, we have a Communist government that is dictating humanism as the state religion.  Our Founding Fathers would be very angry with us as one group of roughly 12-15%, those of no faith, control the nation and forces everyone to cave to their standards.  Keep in mind that group gave us the current Administration, as their 3:1 easily beat the 5:6 Catholics and Protestants had against this Administration in the 2012 elections.  Furthermore, the teachings in schools and in popular culture promote the propaganda of such humanists today.

How can we have a checks and balances system if rogue judges cannot be checked?   

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