Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wish I'd Written That - Same Tune, Different Year

From Mark Helprin, one of the finest writers around, of whose talent I'm immensely jealous. (H/T Nordlinger.)  I'll give you some background after the quote.

The task is to address the question of [the President's] fitness for office in light of the many crimes, petty and otherwise, that surround, imbue and color his tenure. The president must be made subject to the law.

When that moment arrives it will signify the rejection of flattery, the rejection of intimidation, the rejection of lies, the rejection of manipulation, the rejection of disingenuous pretense, and a revulsion for the sordid crimes and infractions the president has brought to his office. It will come, if it does, in one word. One word that will lift the fog to show a field of battle clearly laid down. One word that will break the spell. One word that will clarify and cleanse. One word that will confound the dishonest. One word that will do justice. One word. Impeach.

Mark Helprin wrote that for the Wall Street Journal - in 1997.  About Bill Clinton.  Even before Monica Lewinsky.  Remarkable how little things have changed, isn't it?  Substitute the current incumbent for Clinton, and you could say the same thing, no?  After all, if the shoe fits... (You can read Helprin's entire piece here.)

It won't happen.  It should, though.

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