Friday, January 8, 2016

The stupidity of the Powerball jackpot

The jackpot for the "SuperQaeda" known as Powerball, a government expansion ring that teaches false hope and has never delivered in education, but has paid more to jackpots and gambling service providers with state endorsement as the bookie, is likely to reach over two thirds of a billion dollars for the drawing set Saturday night while Carrie hates herself for loving you.

The disgrace of this government expansion has been an issue that I have fought because of the false hope it teaches, and this entitlement generation is more likely to believe they can make more money out of a numbers racket than they can with hard work because of advertising, and the entitled generation from "free" education paid with this racket has proven themselves to be absurd, as the Occupiers, the voters that have shifted the country hard left on government as a deity, those that adore the Socialist and Communist candidates for President, and Protesters of College Now were raised on this type of freebies.  All of their actions are being paid by "scholarships" from gambling that has raised the cost of school for everybody else.  If you make things free, everyone else has to pay, and we are seeing that now.

Dave Ramsey, whose radio talk show airs in the afternoon here, and has inspired how I even purchased my car and other savings ideas, has this to say from 2012 about the numbers racket that is the sweetheart of the country based on the false hope of that two thirds of a billion dollar racket.

And radio host Clark Howard once posted the odds of those huge jackpots.  I would be much better off with the perfect lady around my arm than to win this jackpot!

And our own Throwback on gambling.

Remember:  This mega-ball "jackpot" will lead to doom and failure.  You will never win this racket!

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  1. I think that in fact every second lottery player understands that the government and the money-sacks take advantage on him or her. But in fact, you will never be deceived or win something if you are not in it. We are free to choose anything we like. Personally I spent several bucks online, thelotter review, won nothing but I do not feel deceived in any way.


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