Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A meditation on 20 years of life

Saturday, January 7th's state March for Life marked my 20th time involved in this event, but it was the coldest (and least attended) one where tempers flared after Friday's rain cost me most of the Clover Wolf dinner (and the awards), and the March the next day was very short (less than 30 minutes for the rally and) and the lowest attended march in my 20 years.  The snow distracted so many, as when I drove to the CrossFit box that morning for a morning workout it was starting to snow, but the snow disappeared and the sun broke out while the snow melted.  A church in the Upstate had planned to bring their garage band (as I've known it to be) but they were snowed out, and the youth did not arrive until considerably later.

What I fear now is that the left-wing counterprotest that organisers plan for January 21 (a day after the inauguration of Mr. Trump) for baby murder, sexual perversion, and other activists may draw a larger crowd than our crowd, with the cry that Los Angeles and San Francisco should run the entire country.

But as we look back at my 20 Years of Life, the intrigue from that very first March at Finlay Park (the State House was undergoing construction at the time) as a college student has now spread to marching annually.  My very first March was known for a pop star's appearance as a speaker, whose failure at awards shows was a national story because that artist had reached the level of John Elway, Dale Earnhardt Snr, and Susan Lucci, all of whom had failed to reach the big prize in their careers (within a span of 17 months, all four had clinched the lucrative prize that they had failed to reach in their illustrious careers),  though she did sing one of her big hits.   I found a cover of that hit as sung in a church, and it's the header to this piece.  Can you identify who the singer was, and what the song is?

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