Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Classic television reflection strikes again!

recent note given to me announced the opening of a popular doughnut shop chain in a shopping area that is home to "comfort foods" of health in Whole Foods Market and a local fitness store a few close friends often attend (myself included). The 1970's NBC game show Knockout with Arte Johnson, made into a 1980's BBC game show, Odd One Out, fits the theme.

"Whole Foods Market."  "Jamie Scott Fitness."  "Duck Donuts."

It's obvious which one does not fit, and I am looking for healthy habits.

For the record, that doughnut has 36 grams of sugar in one piece, while a can of Monster Energy has 54 grams in one can (two servings), so one "serving" of the doughnut has 25% more sugar than a single eight-ounce "serving" of a motorsport cola.

DISCLAIMER:  Mr. Chang holds shares in Whole Foods Market, and has publicly announced his opposition to Mr. Bezos' plan to acquire it in a deal made after the New York City Shakedown designed to weaken them for opposing socialised medicine.

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