Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Regietheater activism

The Glow Lyric Theatre, formerly the Greenville Light Opera Works, has done it again.  In the days after Renée Fleming's recital that I attended last year, they pushed a musical that advanced the elites' agenda of sexual perversion, reminding me of why I had to move from my seat at the Fleming recital when a woman claimed she had a "wife" (which is not possible, per Section 20-1-10 and 20-1-15 of our Code of Laws).

Now, with the anger over numerous school shootings (which was poor PR for Death Wish Chicago!), they have done it again.  The company's production is "Armed," and I can see based on the supporters of this event, the agenda fits with regietheater activism:  Arm in Arm, Moms Demand Action, March for Our Lives, Safe Harbor, and Upstate International.  That fits with how liberal activism is taking over our theater, and infuriating theater attendees.  Who wants to support such dastardly propaganda for the Left?  I know I am not up for it.  It seems after the election of this President, leftist groups are now using the arts to force an attempt at overturning the election with a Hillary by Hook or by Crook tactic.

Just remember how the tactic works:
  1. Gain a liberal majority in the House and Senate.
  2. Ban opposition speech.
  3. Indict the President via impeachment trial in the House.  A simple majority puts it in the Senate, and if necessary use Section 4 of the 25th Amendment (which one legislator proposes).
  4. Use emotional appeal to get a 67-seat majority in the Senate and convict President Trump.
  5. Then indict President Pence while denying his choice for Vice President per the 25th Amendment.
  6. Same tactics in the Senate, convict Vice President Pence.
  7. Under the 1947 Presidential Succession Act, Nancy Pelosi is interim President.
  8. She then selects Hillary Clinton to be Vice President, and it easily clears the House and Senate.
  9. Pelosi then formally steps down to make Clinton President in this Coup d'état.
  10. President Clinton then gets to pick her own running mate and gets nearly 10 years of power as a "President for Life".
Beware of the activists!  That is their playbook.

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