Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"Thou Shalt Not Lie"

That's the translation of this week's cover of the liberal German magazine Der Spiegel, which in the past has been a strong supporter of Pope Francis. They're talking about the ongoing homosexual sex scandal, of course, and at the same time are painting a vivid picture of life inside today's Vatican. Said one Vatican cardinal, understandably speaking only on condition of anonymity, “He preaches mercy, but in reality he is an ice-cold, cunning Machiavellian, and, what is worse – he lies.”

Being accused of being a liar used to be, as they would say in the Old West, fightin' words. And yet all we get is the pope comparing himself to Christ, vowing he will remain silent while he, in fact, continues to slander his accusers.

Yes, the pope fiddles while Rome burns. Where have we heard this story before?

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